This page is dedecated to all the appearances that Drizzt has made outside the Novels and there are more than a few, from video games to card games to comic books and toys, and we will hopefully see more in time.





Despite Drizzt and the gangs popularity they still do not have thier own game, but Drizzt has made many appearances in the Forgotten Realms games. I first bought Icewind Dale many years ago because I thought Drizzt was in it, I was highly disappointed, but it was still a fun game, but became more fun when I found online a CAC for Drizzt, once I went through all the steps of adding this file here removing this file there, Drizzt along with Twinkle and Icendeath were in the game, and it made the game so easy due to Drizzt being the man...or drow. The games he has been found in, without fan interfernece has been the 1999 Baldur's Gate for the PC, as a Non-Playable Character (NPC).


in 2001 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance became the next game in the Dungeon's and Dragons / Forgotten Realms world for the PS2 and a year later for the Xbox, made by Interplay. This was an insanely fun game, and if you have not played it, get it, it has to be dirt cheap by now, and can easily be bought used at your local gamestore.


In 2004 he made an appearnce and became a playable character during a small part of one battle in the Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone game also for the PC. Also in 2004 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II was released for the PS2 a direct continuation from were the original left off. Don't let the cover fool you, it is not Drizzt but a female Dark Elf monk. Yeah I know, there is only one Drizzt, no imposters allowed. But it is still a fun game. Drizzt can also be played in Never Winter Nights thanks to the fans once again and their cheats.



Also here is a look at Drizzt in the game Demon Stone.



I put away Skyrim a long time ago, but after watching this, I am tempted to start that long game all over again as Drizzt.



Back in 2011 Drizzt got his own board game by Dungeons And Dragons.

Here is a video by Wizards of the Coast on how to play the game.









It's pretty cut and dry here, due to the popularity of the novels, with the older crowd, they decided to tap into the younger ones with a comic book series. Or it could have been them listening to the older fans at Comic Con requesting a Comic Book series. Whatever the case, they are a great visual representations of the novels that we love, though more short and brief but clearly to the point.


They started in 2005 when DDP known as Devil's Due Publishing not Diamond Dallas Page, began releasing the novels in comic book form, covering each book in a 3-issue mini-series, they also made trade paperbacks. So far they have recreated, Homeland, Exile, Sojourn, The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, The Halfling's Gem, and The Legacy. R.A Salvatore with some help from Andrew Dabb wrote the stories with Staff Artist- Tim Seeley of Devils Due Publishing, Andrew Pepoy, Marco Galli designing the comics. The art work is fantasic, as to be expected from Tim Seeley whose work includes Kore, G.I. Joe and G.I. vs. Transformers.




In early 2012 IDW published the Legend of Drizzt Neverwinter Tales. A 5 book series that took place between the Gauntlgrym and Neverwinter novels. Here are my reviews to issue 1, issue 2, issue 3, issue 4, and issue 5.





As of July 2008 they released a Dungeons and Dragons Icons: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack which comes with 5 full-color game stat cards, I was very tempted to buy it just because it's Drizzt, but I don't play the card games. But it does have great info on them for Drizzt stats, which many a fan has always wanted to know how Drizzt measured up against someone else in their card set. The pack also included Wulfgar and a Ice Dragon. Dungeons and Dragons website or better yet Wizards of the Coast gave the pack an award for best minature set with credit going to Matt Sernett (Designer) Stephen Schubert (Lead Developer) Jennifer Clarke Wilkes (Editor) Mari Kolkowsky (Art Director) and Chas DeLong, Mitzi McCart (Product Engineers)



The only real toys out there regarding Drizzt are the ones made once again by the fans. Like a custom Drizzt Lego made by Justin R. Stebbins check out his site here.
Then there is the custom figures done by "goblin_33", "darthfoley" and the ever so adorable plushie done by"keelerleah" and check out her Deviant Arts page of awesome Drizzt fan art here.

Then there are the professionals like the extrodinary Resin kit made by Shawn Nagle check out his website here


At Comic Con 2013, Hasbro announced a new line to it's Kero series, which is their version of Lego's and Mega Blocks. They partnered with Dungeons and Dragons to release a series of figures for that world which came out in January of 2014, using Drizzt as the mascot of the line.



That's right, Icingdeath and Twinkle.

Not at all toys, but what fun you can have with these.


It only took an entire Generation but Hasbro has finally released a Drizzt and Guenhyvwer 6 inch action figure set in December of 2020.



More toys

Seems Gamestop is not just about games any more and to stay relavent in todays tough market started selling collectbles as well. These two in particular are Game Stop Exclusives.

First up is this Funko Pop of Drizzt with Guenhyvwer

And Second is this nice Statue by Modern Icons, stands 8.9 inches with base.