The Legend of Drizzt Neverwinter Tales Issue 5 Comic Book Review



This is it, the final issue, after searching high and low, I came to the conclusion that an alternate cover was never done for this issue as all the previous ones were. The inside cover gives credit to Todd Lockwood with the same cover art for the novel The Orc King Transitions, great work, but a lazy substitute in my opinion.Gone is the nice alternate covers by Gonzalo Flores, but the regular cover art is still done by famed comic artist Tim Seeley, colors by Leonard O'Grady.
Like issue one inside the cover page, you read a bit of dialog from Drizzt and his current thoughts, and a paragraph bringing you up to speed from the last issue.


Now on with the final story, the issue starts with the four heroes on the hunt, Drizzt, Dahlia, Guenhwvar and Thibbledorf Pwent. Chasing a ghost would be impossible if not for Guen, but Drizzt notice his fateful companion is tiring and sends her back home to the asteral planes. They find shelter in some caves as dawn slowly approches. Pwent sulks in grief thinking he will never find the ghost, and as he hungers there will be no goblins to eat. Drizzt encourages him by saying he has faith he will have the stength to go hungry until he finds a adequet meal. But Pwent persuedes Drizzt and Dahlia to leave him to die in the sun, and they do so.



But Pwent once again finds himself unable to do it, cowering further in the cave out of the sun's burining rays. Meanwhile Do'Crae finds himself back in his mistresses presense and is scoulded from his attempts of failure. Out of great fear Do'Crae rushes through the sky seeking out Pwent and charges him head on in the cave where he sits.



Pwent takes blow after pain numbing blow from Do'Crae knocking him back and forth throughout the cave and eventually outside into the deathly sun. But Pwent gets one last burst of energy and charges fist first into Do'Crae knocking him back and into and through the cave wall. Pwent falls unconscious as the suns stinging rays dissipate as dusk sets.

Pwent wakes up alone, no Do'Crae no Drizzt. Not sure if Do'Crae was killed or not, but he knew the one thing that was coming for him was hunger and there was no defeating it. So he sets out on a new path, bringing this story to a end.

As you may feel, this issue was sorely lacking and greatly disappointing to the entire series. Just because this story is a bridge to the the greater novels, does not mean it can not have a good story within itself that won't take away or change the direction of the novels. The entire series seemed scared to go out of any form of bounds, and played it so safe it was boring. Out of five issues nothing seemed to get accomplished other than stealing fans money. But I feel I can not blame Salvatore, I feel IDW is more to blame than anything, by limiting him. Maybe one day we will know the truth.


And still in the back of the book held no promise of character bios and mini maps as I was told at the Comic Con previous to this series release. I fear this series will only hurt future ones from selling as fans will be more cautious before buying anything that will be called a filler. I for one will stick with the novel to comic adaptions, they have not disappointed me yet.