The Legend of Drizzt Neverwinter Tales Issue 3 Comic Book Review



As covered in my first review of issue one, each issue has an alnernate cover, one done with a gorgeous painted art by Gonzalo Flores, while the other traditional comic style by famed comic artist Tim Seeley, colors by Leonard O'Grady.
Like issue one inside the cover page, you read a bit of dialog from Drizzt and his current thoughts, and a paragraph bringing you up to speed from the last issue. Sun is setting and Thibbledorf Pwent is waiting as his hunger grows and the smell of blood is in the air. Temptation is ever present as Dor'Crae hover by taunting. Pwent gives in and begins to follow the smell out the rocky hole, through the woods and down a river path leading him to a camp site. Dor'Crae guides him to Ariane who is in a blue dress temptingly standing by a fire surrounded by men in hooded brown robes. Pwent stalks from the woodline fighting the urges and the constant advances of Dor'Crae telling him to give in. But Pwent strongly resist and walks away.

Meanwhile Drizzt and Dahlia return to the town which they purchased the wand, threating the shop keeper on it's failure. After strong fear tactics they are given another wand, and make their way back on the hunt. They begin to doubt that that other wand was broken, as the shop keeper seemed to be truthful. With the new wand not pointing them towards the sky, they head to a clearing where Drizzt begin to hear whispers.



The whispers taking them into a clearing, and to a camp site. Drizzt does not take any chances and pulls out the figurine of a miniture bust of a panthers head, calling for Guenhwyvar who through a trail of energy forms from the statue. Within the camp the robed men argue over how they were prepared and how the bait was not taken and not their fault. Drizzt see's that the camp is humans, yet the wand continues to lead them there, which is suppose to guide them to the undead. So Drizzt settles for what he has and decides to say hello to the camp asking them if they have seen any vampires. The group rudly dismiss Drizzt denying any vampires in their camp. Dahlia credits their rudeness to Drizzt being a drow, but Drizzt thinks otherwise and begins to attack. After they slaughter the camp, they learn that they were Ashmadai Worshippers of Asmodeus, the King of Hell. Dahlia believed they were hunting them, and the whole thing was a trap set by the worshippers and the merchants. But as the wand continued to glow, Drizzt convinced her that that was not the case, and something more powerful was there and Drizzt continues to follow the glowing trail of the wand asking Dahlia if she has ever heard of Valindra Shadowmantle.

Not too far away Pwent is in his hole, out of the sun and rain, while the woman Ariane is sitting outside, driving Pwent's stomach into knots. Dor'Crae arrives telling the woman to go toward the cave, and she listens, to Pwents dismay.



While Ariane comes closer to the cave, the siloutte of Drizzt and Dahlia are seen riding up fast in the distant background.Then the final page is shown Valindra staring into her pool eagerly awaiting Ariane's outcome.



Once again another fast paced story short book of Drizzt on the hunt, and right when you see Drizzt will finally find Pwent, you have to wait for the next issue, hopeing it will be worth the wait.



IDW had a short preview story in the back of the book from the comic Memorial by Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis. Seemed greatly out of place for a Drizzt book, and was disappointed not to find anything to add to the Drizzt world in the back. Only two more issues to go, look for them soon, and Happy New Year to everyone, and may you all have a blessed 2013.