The Legend of Drizzt Neverwinter Tales Issue 2 Comic Book Review



As covered in my first review of issue one, each issue has an alnernate cover, one done with a gorgeous painted art by Gonzalo Flores, while the other traditional comic style by famed comic artist Tim Seeley, colors by Leonard O'Grady.
Like issue one inside the cover page, you read a bit of dialog from Drizzt and his current thoughts, and a paragrph bringing you up to speed from the last issue. Dirzzt is upon a unicorn blazing through a forest with Dahlia holding on tightly. They talk about the possiblity of losing their pay since goblins were killed but yet ot by them. But they still argue by whom, vampire or Battleranger? They arrive to a town, Dahlia leaves Drizzt for the Inn, while Drizzt meets the Sergeant in a dark torchlit alley. They Sergeant happy to hear news of the gogblin's death, but Drizzt tells him to hold his money, it was not done by him, and ask if there has been word from Mithral Hall. The Sergeant shocked by the question tosses Drizzt the bag of gold anyway and takes his leave.

In the Inn Drizzt tells Dahlia that it's confirmed that the dwarves had nothing to do with the goblin's slaughter, but didn't mean the Gutbusters were not around. And when asked what she found, she said she found something that pointed to the nearest vampire. And loking from panel to panel you wander how you missed it, or what that something is as it's hard to tell what she is putting away in her holster. They decide to head out in the morning to find out who took their hunt from them. Meanwhile Thibbledorf Pwent is stalking in the wood, hearing voices encouraging him to feed, and he agrees, to feed on more goblins. But the voice discourages him from that, telling him goblin blood is too thin, and they both agree elf blood taste horrible due to them eating too much vegetables and wine, instead of meat and ale. Pwent insist humans are out of the question, But comes across and massive owlbear, and feeds on it instead.



Afrer Pwents feast, Dor'Crae continues to tempt him in eating humans, but knew daylight was coming, and try again later. That morning Drizzt and Dahlia ride with the wand making a magical trail that leads them right to the dead owlbear. Drizzt finallt admits that a vampires doing was at hand, but still see signs of a battleranger. Drizzt finds it hard to believe that a dwarf would ever side with such evil. But the kill is fresh, so they ride on to find out what's going on for sure.

Later that night at a camp, a woman named Ariane is talking with Dor'Crae asking him about his promise, as it did not come as he had told her. Ariane threatens Dor'Crae that Valindra will hear of his delay. But Dor'Crae barks back that he was put in charge of the operation and insubordination would not be tolerated. He then tells her to move camp to the south, the vampire will be coming to them.



Dor'Crae sails across the sky over the trees and spots Drizzt and Dahlia riding down a path in the same direction, but knows he had more important matters with Pwent. He soars ahead of them into a mountains cave, where Pwent is torchering himself by scorching his hand out in the sunlight. Pwent tells him he does it to remind himself who he is, and Dor'Crae corrects him by saying who he was, and when the sun goes down, he will find out who he is. End of issue two.



The art continues to be good, the story fast paced, yet like issue one, too short.



IDW had Notes from the Underdark in the back of the book, with a glossary on a few characters and places, to be specific, Battleranger, Gutbuster, Mithral Hall, Neverwinter and Owlbear. With Owlbear was a chart of his stats, level 8 elite brute, xp 700, HP 212, etc. If this is the mini game mentioned by IDW at comic Con, then it is majorly disappointing. I take it that they decided to change their minds on doing it at all, or maybe speading it out between issues giving us more character stats and a map. We will find out, look for my review on issue 3 coming soon.