The Legend of Drizzt Neverwinter Tales Issue 4 Comic Book Review



As covered in my first review of issue one, each issue has an alnernate cover, one done with a gorgeous painted art by Gonzalo Flores, while the other traditional comic style by famed comic artist Tim Seeley, colors by Leonard O'Grady.
Like issue one inside the cover page, you read a bit of dialog from Drizzt and his current thoughts, and a paragraph bringing you up to speed from the last issue.


Now on with the story, Drizzt and Dahlia are just a yard away from a shadowy image fleeing into a cave. Inside the dark cave Ariane blindly comes closer to the spiked cowering rock that lays before her, while Do'Crae hovers hauntenly over him. Ariane calls out to her reluctant master, while Pwent cowers in a thirsty denial hearing the thump-thump, thump-thump of Ariane's blood pumping heart.


Drizzt and Dahlia are at the mouth of the cave as they hear a scream, but Guenhwyvar lunges in first and with a mighty roar and another scream, Pwent yells out "Blasted Durned Cat! You scared her! Blasted cat, why'd ye do that?"

Ariane flees the cave passing Drizzt by, and he could care less as his focus was on the voice that he clearly recognized as his long time friend Pwent. Dahlia was just as surprised as she recalled burying Pwent herself. Guenhawvyr was atop of Pwents chest, whose eyes were flaming red with a blood lust, telling Dalia she did not bury him deep enough and how she should have burned him.

He lunges throwing Guenhwyvar through the air into Drizzt causing him to drop the wand that lead them there. Do'Crae notices. A fight ensues as Pwent tackles hard into Drizzt, follwing up with an even harder spiked right hand, while Dahlia recieves a back left to the jaw which in turn gives him two scimitars sliced across his back. The four wrestle battle some more until Pwent finally falls, Drizzt stands over him with a scimitar tho Pwent's throat. Pwent welcomes the kill, and Drizzt apologizes for what he has to do, but Guenhawvyr is not done as Dahalia notices, as claws and teeth snap into the air.

"You can't hurt me, cat" Do'Crae mocks telling the big black panther to just enjoy the show, but before he can finish his words, Guenhwyvar's claws tear through his ghostly form, causing Do'Crae to scream out in pain. Do'Crae begins to flee, but blocked by a raging vamperic Battle-Ranging Dwarf, who misses and crashes into the cave wall hard enough to make another exit. Do'Crae takes the opportunity to escape, but not without one last love pat from Guenhwyvar, making him scream out the cave. With Drizzt and Dahlia realizing that Do'Crae is behind everything, they decide what to do about Pwent.



After the decision on how it's better to work with Pwent than against him, Drizzt and Dahlia decide to allow Pwent to live long enough to get his revenge on Do'Crae. But unfortuanlty finding him will be a challenge as the wand that lead them there was broken in the scuffle. Dahlia makes the comment of tracking Do'Crae the old fashioned way, but Drizzt complains how she expects them to find a ghost at night in a rainstorm the hardway. Dahlia mocks "I thought you were a Ranger. A tracker. But maybe I was mistaken." But not to Pwent's delight as he argues for them to hurry up. Pwent soon gets ahold of a scent, the blood scent of Ariane.


After Drizzt mistakes Pwents intent on hunting down the girl for a meal, Pwent tells him she is working for Do'Crae, and how he can ask her himself, as Pwent spots her through a treeline on her knees sobbing in the rain.


Drizzt ask Ariane if shows knows where Do'Crae is, she turns around still sobbing telling him no. But suddenly lunges at Drizzt with a dagger. Drizzt dodges out the way, and quickly counters with his fist to her jaw, while still tightly gripping his scimitar. She mumbles how she will never... then strikes herself in the stomach with her own dagger. Final panel shot, Drizzt looking up in the air at Do'Crae who hovers high above them, while Dahlia complians how their only lead is now dead. Pwent swears on Moradin's Hammer and Bruenor's Axe that they will find the ghost.



The book series finally got some action, despite how short. Do'Crae's ghostly form was a little confusing as some panel shots made it confusing as to if he could be seen or not. Clearly Guenhwyvar can see him as she is from a spirit plan herself. But Pwent lunging at him, did that mean he could see the ghost. If so why now and not before? And Do'crae having to dodge out the way of Pwent...why? He's a ghost. And with him being a ghost, why did he need a opening to escape, could he not just go through walls? Until this issue, Drizzt swords were of no concern to me, until he finally used them, and noticing just plain scimatars was disturbing, adding a little more detail to show the famed swords of Icingdeath and Twinkle would have went a long long way. But besides those nitpicks, it seem to be the better issue of the series so far, despite it being just as short and fast paced. And nothing in the back of the book to show but advertisments, was still looking for that promised character bio and statistics like the brief one we got in issue 2. But oh well, maybe next time. Look for the last and final review of issue 5 coming soon.