Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt Do'urden was born in Menzoberranzan in 1297 DR as the third son to Matron Malice Do'Urden, the Matron Mother of House Do'Urden (a type of family akin to a Scottish clan) or Daermon N'a'shezbaernon. He was originally meant to be sacrificed to Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders, being the usual fate of the third living son of any Drow house, but was spared just minutes after his birth when the oldest Do'Urden brother, Nalfein, was assassinated by the second-oldest brother, Dinin, during a raid on a rival house.

Drizzt's father was Zaknafein, the renowned weapons master of House Do'Urden. Zaknafein secretly hated Drow society as a whole and it was he who taught Drizzt his formidable martial skills, but more importantly, reinforced Drizzt's innate moral code. Drizzt carries this code with him through the entire series.

During a raid against a group of surface elves, Drizzt found himself unable to participate in the slaughter with his fellow Drow. He pretended to kill an elven child but actually helped her to escape. When the deception was discovered Zaknafein was sacrificed in place of Drizzt to appease Lolth. Following a war against another House, Drizzt cursed his family and the evil drow ways, and escaped Menzoberranzan into the Underdark. It was also at this time that he acquired the statuette that allows him to summon the panther, Guenhwyvar, from the astral plane from a drow sorcerer after slaying him. Guenhwyvar has been by his side, saving Drizzt, and the friends he gains, numerous times, as they traveled across the realms and many planes. Hunted as a traitor to his race, he found that most other people he met treated him with hatred and disgust due to the legacy of the drow, leaving only the most open-minded and open-hearted to accept him.

One of these people was Belwar Dissengulp, a svirfneblin or deep gnome. Drizzt wandered the Underdark together with Belwar and a polymorphed pech nicknamed Clacker, but after fighting off the resurrected spirit-wraith of his father Zaknafein, Drizzt left Belwar and found his way to the surface. On the surface Drizzt met up with a blind human ranger named Montolio Debrouchee. When Montolio began teaching him the ways of the ranger Drizzt realized that, unknowingly, he had been following these principles his entire life. From this time on Drizzt made his patron goddess Mielikki, Faer�nian goddess of the forest and of rangers.

After the death of his mentor Drizzt traveled the realms in search of a new home, and eventually found himself in Icewind Dale where he met dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer; Bruenor's adopted human daughter, Catti-brie; the barbarian Wulfgar (Bruenor's adopted human son); and Regis (Rumblebelly according to Bruenor), a loyal but unadventurous halfling. The group had many adventures together and would come to be known as the Companions of the Hall, when one such adventure led Drizzt and his friends south, to Mithral Hall (a city of the dwarves), where they currently reside.

Thrice in his life Drizzt has regressed into a bestial and instinctive state of mind, in which he was identified as the Hunter. The first time this happened was when Drizzt fled Menzoberranzan and was living in the wilds of the Underdark. The second was when he went back to his homeland to prevent harm from coming to his friends, as told in the book Starless Night. The third time was during the war with King Obould Many-Arrows when Drizzt thought Bruenor and his friends had been slain by Obould's horde of orcs.

He has become tangled in many workings of dark parties, from Lolth-worshiping drow to evil surface-dwellers, and even monsters from other planes. His greatest enemies have included Artemis Entreri, an assassin from Calimport (and also the main character in The Sellswords series), and Errtu the balor.

After nearly defeating Obould atop a mountainside using the sentient magical sword Khazid-Hea, Drizzt left with his elf companion Innovindil to visit the grave of Ellifain, the elven child he had spared many years ago. Upon his return to Mithral Hall, Drizzt is conflicted by the idea that the formerly war-like orcs are trying to live together with the dwarves in harmony. By the end of events in The Orc King (Transitions trilogy, book I) Drizzt and Bruenor join forces with Obould, who now wishes to live in peace with the other races, against a power-hungry half-orc half-ogre named Grguch who is challenging Obould's right to rulership of the orcs. Drizzt also fights against a curious polymorphed wizard who has joined the orcish ranks named "Jack the Gnome".

In his latest adventure, in "The Pirate King" (Transitions trilogy, book II), his views of the world begins to change as he begins to see more than just the black and white between good and evil. The changes of the orcs living in the Kingdom of Obould Many-Arrows have forced him to add more color to the gray areas between the black and white. This plagues him with doubts as he joins his old friend Captain Deudermont, a scourge to all pirates of the Sword Coast, in an attempt to bring down the leader of the Hosttower of Sorcery, a powerful lich providing help to the pirates of the Sword Coast.


In story "the Ghost King" final book of the Transitions series, Drizzt finds himself working with Jarlaxle in an attempt to save Catti-brie from Mystra's falling weave that touched her. What Drizzt did not know was he was only being used by Jarlaxle to stop a great threat that he unleashed in an escaped Lich. Drizzt, Bruenor Pwent and Jarlaxle go see Cadderly for help.

Drizzt and the heroes realize soon enough that Cadderly and the people of Carradoon are having their own issues with The Ghost King's undead. Drizzt and company aid Danica, Cadderly's wife search for her children, but found what seemed to be Ivan Bouldershoulder killed by the Ghost King. Thanks to Jarlaxle, Danica escapes just to time to help at the battle at Spirit Soaring. With Catti-brie near death on a broken wagon, the group could not get her through the battlefield. Drizzt seeing his friends and wife in danger yells out a spell in desperation, suddenly a flying horse and carriage comes to them from out of a cloud.

The Ghost King is defeated but escapes to the Shadowfell, where he recovers rapidly. He returns and is defeated a second time, disappearing to the Shadowfell again. Cadderly uses Catti-brie as a conduit to enter the Shadowfell to finish off the Ghost King. In the end, Cadderly defeats the Ghost King at the cost of his life and becomes the new Ghost King, forever reinforcing and guarding the ward containing the rift left by the old Ghost King. The rift is in the shattered remains of Spirit Soaring. Catti-brie is allowed one last night with Drizzt, before she and Regis both die from the Spellplague and are taken by Mielikki as a reward partly to Drizzt. The goddess puts them into a pocket paradise plane for all time.


In the story of Gauntlgrym 24 years pass, and the death of his wife Catti-brie and his long time friend Regis still hurts. So Drizzt sets out for another adventure with his life long friend Bruenor to find Gauntlgrym. But soon due to treaturous actions by Jessa Dribble-Obould an orc succeeds in her plan to poison Bruenor, killing Minthral's king leaving Banak Brawnavil as the Eleventh King. Thibbledorf Pwent loyal battleranger discovered Nanfoodle the gnome and Jessa's plot that killed his king. He goes into a rage attacking them just as Drizzt and a very much alive Bruenor arrive. Bruenor reveals that he faked his death with Nanfoodle and Jessa's help in order to leave the halls for Gauntlgrym. With a pleading Thibbledorf not wanting to leave his King, join Drizzt and Bruenor along with Jessa, Nanfoodle, Guenhwyvar and Andahar (who is the magical unicorn that Drizzt summoned in the Ghost King.) for their quest.

Drizzt and company search tirelessly for Gauntlgrym, failing. Nanfoodle and Jessa stay for many years, but eventually die of old age. Pwent after also reaching the point where is is no longer as agile as he once was, stay in Icewind Dale after the group passes through for clues. Drizzt and Bruenor seen by the ghost dwarves of Gauntlgrym are told of a dire situation in Gauntlegrym involving the escape of a fire primordial a godlike being. Out at a campground Bruenor's maps are stolen, leading Drizzt to tack them down in the town of Luskan. In search for Jarlaxle who think is responsible, the duo is attacked by Ashmadai led by Dahlia, but soon Jarlaxle and Athrogate enter the fight aiding Drizzt and Bruenor. After the fight, it is revealed that Jarlaxle has already been to Gauntlgrym 11 years prior. Jarlaxle, Athrogate, Dahlia, Bruenor and Drizzt decide to travel to Gauntlgrym together in an attempt to stop the primordial and detroy something called the Dread Ring. After they reach Gauntlgrym, Brunor sits himself upon the throne and is enchanted with divine power and knowledge from the ancient dwarves.

The primordial created many minions from the Elemental Plane of fire to fight off intruders, powerful salamanders and a red dragon. They also learn they have to strategically place 10 bowls that summon water elementals in various places throughout the city. Fighting through hordes of salamanders the five companions begin to set the elemental bowls into the proper alcoves. During the fighting, dwarves from Icewind Dale and Mirabar (who have also been visited by dwarf ghosts) arrive in another part of Gauntlgrym in order to help seal the primordial.

After a long battle with many twist and turns and surprises from unknown parties that follwed them into Gauntlgrym. Drizzt and Bruenor seal the primordial and break the Dread Ring, but sadly at the risk of Bruenor's life. Drizzt buried him in Gauntlgrym along with Pwent, and surprisingly leaves with Dahlia.

Drizzt now finds himself as the sole survivor of the Companions of the Hall. Burdened with a great guilt, and still a great relief that he now has no ties to anyone, and after 100 years can wander the world on his own adventures. Accompanied by Dahlia Sin'felle an elf warrior, the only other survivor from their party at Mount Hotenow, they decide that their best course of action is to head to Luskan in order to regroup and learn what they may. The two head towards the town aided by Drizzt's magical unicorn Andahar. It is revealed that the unicorn can be killed, although it is magical. On a positive note, It can also stay in the Realms for as long as needed with no time limit restraints. However, because it has more vulnerabilities than his other magical familiar, Guenhwyvar, Drizzt is much more cautious in his use of Andahar. While in Luskan, the group runs afoul of the pirate captains, but end up escaping. Drizzt soon finds himself on the opposite side of the law. Dahlia forces him to see the dark things a common man could be driven to do, under certain circumstances. The two find themselves in battle quickly, and Drizzt finds himself enjoying the constant toil.

Drizzt and Dahlia return to Neverwinter with plans of revenge against the Netherese lord Herzgo Alegni, heralding a final battle for freedom. Drizzt then reunites with his old foe, Artemis Entreri who Drizzt thought long dead, to destroy the magical weapon that has control of him, Charon's Claw, but Drizzt eventually in a dangerous quest and battle with the help of Dahlia destroy the Claw. But Entreri somehow still lived. During all this Guenhwyvar attacks a beaten Herzgo while trying to escape both fall through the shadow gate and is held captive by Draygo Quick in Shadowfell. Drizzt is eventually offered Guenhwyvar in exchange for Charon's Claw, an offer that Drizzt through great pain and sadness, refuses.

Drizzt during the comic book series Neverwinter Tales, discovers that Pwent is still alive, but as a undead vampire. He was bit by Korvin Dor'Crae during his final battle at Gauntlgrym, and came back being tortured by the vampire now as a ghost.