RA Salvatore Comic Con 2018



First lets discuss what the Comic Con Inkpot Award is. From Comic Cons website itself states that the Inkpot Awards are given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation and fandom services.

Winners have usually been guest of the show, and have "Spotlight On" Panels, like Salvatore did this year. They started back in 1974.

A few examples of past years have been in no order...

Terry Moore 2003

Jim Lee 1991

Neal Adams 1976

Clive Barker 1991

Tim Burton 2009

Neil Gaiman 1991

Mark Hamill 2004

The actual list is amazingly long, but he is in great company, a big Congratulations to Mr. Salvatore.


My apologies to everyone, I tried to record the panel to at least dictact the hightlights to you, but all I got was a muffling noise and everything was unhearable.I hope to be better prepared next time.


But I do remember a line from Salvatore that got a great reaction from the crowd. That is when he told the story of his publicist who gave him a hard time on what I believe was The Crystal Shard, and his first draft had no female characters. It made him look deep in himself and ask why? It's not like he did not know how to write woman, he grew up as the youngest of 7, "growing up with my sisters is how I came up with Menzobarranzan afterall".



Comic Con 2018 Panel Room


The hour long "Coral line" to wait in to be moved to the one hour long "autograph line". But not complaining, nothing compared to Hall H and Ballroom 20.



The Autograph Line.


Salvatore signing free galley proof copies of Timeless, along with books for sale and that fans brought themselves.


Hope everyone that attended had fun, and those that could not make it, hope you get to see him on his book signing tour throughout the year.

Oh yeah, one last thing, I did ask him the question if he had any major projects lined up in the future simular to that of Kingdom of Amular, he replied yes that he did have several lined up, but of course nothing that he could discuss, and nothing like Amaular as that is done. I will keep you posted as I learn more, lets hope for big things involving Drizzt.